Miracle Field will provide patrons with several options for organized play in the form of baseball, basketball, soccer and football. The field will be constructed in such a manner as to allow optimization of the field for all four types of sports. The Sports Field will be designed in a rectangular shape to make this accommodation.

The conceptual cost of this project based on the Master Plan is $3.9 Million.  Currently, the foundation has raised just under $40,000, sitting at 1% of the projects estimated cost.  Due to the costs, the project has been set up in three construction phases, listed below.  Implementation of the park construction will begin once the funding for one of the phases with parking  has been secured.  The cost of the project is sensitive for the type of equipment and safety features that are needed.  The park is designed with consideration for the needs of all children, adults, and seniors with or without disabilities who may not find the same amenities at a regular park.   

Playground costs are estimated at $2,765,990, with funds being utilized for initial site work, utilities, specialized equipment, landscaping, and covered pavilions/shade structures. Costs associated with this phase are inclusive of full demolition and site preparation, development of dry (electrical) and water/wastewater utilities, full landscaping and signage. The playground will contain large amounts of shade canopies, specialized ground surfacing, air conditioned restrooms, specialized site furniture, perimeter fencing, and other items not found in typical parks.Type your paragraph here.

Phase 3 * All Purpose Sports Field

Phase 2 * Mini-City

Phase 1 * Playground

The New Braunfels Mini City will be a first-hand user experience at navigating through the streets of New Braunfels in a safe, controlled environment. This mini-city will enable patrons to learn the layout of New Braunfels as well as learn about street lights, walkways, street signs, railroad crossings, and other city infrastructure. This navigable space will serve as an instructional alternative to learning about the City’s geography. Costs associated with this phase are inclusive of demolition and site preparation, dry utilities (electrical), landscaping and the construction of the buildings and streets that would make up the miniature city of New Braunfels.

Callens Castle & Multi-Purpose Sports Field